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Servicing all of NEW JERSEY 

Family owned and operated goose control company that humanely and effectively rid Canada geese off of properties, using highly trained and skilled Border Collies.



Canada Goose Control

(Controling of Canada Geese on properties using multiple trained Border Collies) 
  • Quality Service since 2004 
  • We service 7 Days a week on call 24 hours 
  • We use mutiple dogs at once for a more effectivness.




  • -Border Collies act as a natural predator with their stalking and keen eye.
  • -Environmentally Friendly and Humane method
  • -Long Term Solutions

Our Services

 Do not let this be your parking lot or facility!


Quality Services 

Our Employees and our vehicles represent who we are as a company clean and professional which is what makes us stand out from the rest.

Here at Goose Runners we work with our clients on a personal level  and take all the time needed to find out each individual need. 







Egg Addling

(The humane process of population control as directed by New Jersey and the Humane Society)



  • -Long term population control
  • -Less likely to have over protective parents harrassing people.
  • -Egg and Next Documentation